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Convince Your Boss

At Little Warden, we understand that sometimes you need to get sign off for a tool like Little Warden from high above, that’s why we’ve created this handy list of common questions brought up by bosses and procurement teams and our recommended answers.

What does it do?

It monitors all the domains and urls important to us and our clients and checks for important things that have changed or errors and notifies us with any changes.

Why do you need it?

This will allow our team to be proactively looking for issues rather than reacting to client emails or ranking drops. We can also use this additional monitoring in client pitches and updates.

But you shouldn’t be making these mistakes

Yep, I totally agree BUT as we get more clients and grow more, mistakes will happen, Little Warden ensures anything that gets missed is notified and we can add that to a process. Little Warden also covers things like hosting, DNS and domain renewals which might not be under our control.

Can’t we get lowest ranked staff member to do it?

Well we could, but if we take them off client work to do even just a few basic checks, we are talking at least an hour each day (and Little Warden checks every hour).

  • UK Minimum Wage - £11.44
  • 1/2 an hour doing manual checks, 5 days a week - 10 hours a month
  • Minimum staff cost a month - £114

And that’s just for a few checks that take half an hour.

Can’t we just build this internally?

Well we could, but if we take one of our developers off of client work to build it and let’s say it ONLY takes two weeks to build a very very basic version and you give your developer one day a month to maintain it.

  • Junior Developer Salary - £45,000

  • 2 Weeks to Build - HAHAHAH

  • Initial Development Staff Cost - £1725

  • 1 Day a month of maintenance - hahaha

  • Annual Maintenance Staff Cost - £1478

That's over Over £3000 that’s JUST developer time, let’s not count hosting, design, additional features and testing.

So yes, we can build this internally but financially it doesn’t make sense.