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New Brand Checklist

Follow our recommended checklist for onboarding your brands important urls and domains into Little Warden.

Have you added the root domain of your main website (and other brands) to check? This is the fundamental first step with any Little Warden client check, adding the default checks with the root domain.

Do you have an SSL certificate? If you have an SSL certificate, ensure that it is added with the https:// prefix rather than the http:// (and the redirects and certificate expiration checks are enabled).

Have you added any subdomains of that domain? Subdomains can be hosted on different servers, have different CMSes and different certificates, we highly recommend adding every subdomain (even internal ones) to Little Warden to ensure they display the correct response.

Have you added any important pages of that domain? Adding some of the more valuable pages (valued either by traffic or conversion rate) can help to diagnose if anything has gone wrong. Our change logging of items like title tag and meta robots can give you a warning if things change.

Have you added any of the other domains with alternative TLDs that the client may have? Do you own the, .org, .us, .net version of the domain name, even if they are not valid or just redirect to the main domain, they should be added and checked for both redirect status and domain expiration.

Have you added any test / staging environments that you have? Whilst these domains may have robots.txt deny all or only be accessible on a VPN, a small mistake in a config can undo this and make them accessible to the the world, you can use Little Warden to ensure that these environments cause no issues.

Have you updated the notification preferences so that the correct members of the team are informed? Most teams are setup so that a team member has responsibility for a different parts of the website, Little Warden allows you to specify which team member gets alerts and notifications about which URLs.

Have you rebranded?, have you added the old brand name and related TLDs? Have you had any previous brand names (or acquired any companies), add the domains (and other related domains) to ensure that the redirects stuff work and the domain name and certificates are up to date.

Do you redirect any clients by geo region? Some sites will redirect US traffic to another website or with the latest GDPR changes, they will redirect EU traffic to an explanation page, these can all be monitored with our geo redirect checking from up to 8 different countries.

Is there any content or tags on your sites which must NOT change? When working with other teams or agencies, sometimes wires can get crossed and things can get changed without signoff or notification, using content checking you can ensure that doesn’t change without a heads up.