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Whitelist CloudFlare

Although Little Warden is a good bot sometimes we can get blocked by Cloudflare, we've put together a quick guide of how to unblock it and get started!

Settings Page

Head to the settings section on your URL view

Settings Menu

Enable whitelist mode

Scroll down to ENABLE WHITELIST!

Before Whitelabel - Off After Whitelabel - on

Copy that IP Address generated so we don't forget it.

Head over to cloudflare

Login to your CF account and select the correct site.

Cloudflare Login

Select WAF on the sidebar

WAF Sidebar

Create a rule!

We need to create a rule! Create Rule Button

Create a rule!

Fill in the details including that IP address we generated earlier.

Fill in Rules

Skip everything!

Don't block LW and LW won't block you!


The deploy!

That looks ruddy brilliant.

And there we go, all working fine now! And Done